Commentator John Motson in the stands

Flashback: John Motson’s unfortunate use of Stefan Kuntz’s surname – the greatest moment in commentary

Perhaps owing much of it’s reverence to location, you’d be hard pressed to find a England fan above the age of 30 who wouldn’t rate Euro 96 as they’re greatest ever tournament (Italia 90 of course a close second).

Whilst everything on the pitch seemed to click perfectly in to place, the 4-1 thrashing of Holland, the Paul Gascoigne wonder goal etc, John Motson’s contribution to the art of sporting commentary reached ground-breaking new levels during Germany’s group match up with Czech Republic. Especially when Stefan Kuntz got the ball.

Here’s the clip as featured on the excellent Baddiel and Skinner fronted ‘Fantasy Football’.

Adding to the hilarity, later in the tournament Alan Hanson uttered the eternally brilliant ‘I can’t see the Germans getting back into this, they’ve only got Kuntz up front!’.

Hours of fun…..

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