Quick Guide: How to Become a Bet Master Before the New Season

Summer is well on the way, and we are coming to the end of the season for some sports. But with the new season beginning in just a few months, hard to believe we know, now is the right time to brush up on your sports betting skills and become an expert for the next season. Here is Dispensable Soccer’s guide that will allow you to accomplish just that, by following our detailed steps.

Learn about EV Bets

Expected Value or EV is a term that sports gamblers often use. This term explains that there is always an expected value in return when you place a bet on a sporting event. This can also be termed as the handicap which governs why you win more money if you bet on the underdog. You need to understand that finding positive EV bets is essential to garner financial success. See more about what is handicap in betting.

Excellent sports betting is all about avoiding negative handicap bets, while maximising on your positive bets. There are different sports betting strategies that you can employ to understand, identify and take part in positive EV bets. Here, we describe two strategies for this matter.

Set Up Season Objectives

Serious Football betting is not a one-time activity, and therefore the first step that you need to take towards mastering it is to set up your next season goals in advance. This step will allow you to create the basic strategy that you should follow throughout the sports season. You need to also understand that your objectives are fair and easily achievable.

It is difficult to win enough bets to consistently make a profit. Most people lose more bets than they win, and therefore it is essential to set up the objective of simply being positive in the long run. Your objectives should include the sports that you will be betting on, as well as the teams.

These objectives need to match your betting budget, as well as your inclination towards different sports. One important objective should always remain to perform better than the previous year. You need to evolve if you take your sports betting seriously. The success starts with setting up realistic expectations and making some gains throughout the year.

Read Books

There are several betting books that are available in the market. There is nothing better than reading a number of books that allow you to gain different perspectives of sports betting. Most of these books are authored by successful betters, who have already tasted the success and know the important trade secrets.

Reading books not only increases your knowledge, but it also allows you to develop an understanding of sports betting. You can also learn about the different ways in which you can bet on the play and the outcome of your favourite games.

You should always start with simple books that explain the basics of sports betting and then move on towards books that share advance mathematics, statistical models and try to develop an understanding of the right time opportunities. You should read at least three good betting books this off-season to really prepare for the new season in the ideal way.

Teaser Betting

Teaser betting involves the adjusting of multiple wagers in order to get a better EV in your favour. You can change the spread, especially by carrying out point based spreads, where it can be easier to either find a shorter spread for the favourite or create more room for the underdog to lose.

Prop Betting

Prop betting is basically a method of betting about a particular event happening with a sports game. It is also termed as proposition betting and also known as side bets. These novelty bets are usually about unusual events at a game, which may not relate at all to the final outcome of the game.

This may include bets, such as about the final score of a particular player, or the number of assists that occur in a game. You can easily find some excellent positive EV deals in prop betting, where you can use an ideal point spread to improve your chances of success.

Work on Removing Emotions

We get excited and emotional when we are discussing our favourite sports. This can turn to your disadvantage as you cannot gain when making sports bets that are based on emotions. You need to work in the off-season to learn how to take out emotions form your sports betting practices.

You should create a statistical chart in these months to set up important numbers and then take a decision, which does not involve your heart at all. Remember, there are never any situations where emotions can be beneficial for you in sports betting.

Evolution Plan

You should always try and expand in a gradual manner. You should create a timeline that you will follow in the new season in terms of betting in a more complex manner. As the season moves along and you have gathered more data, it will be easier to perform the important wagers and gain some money while doing so.


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