Michael Laudrup’s agent embroiled in transfer payment scandal



One of the most gifted players of his generation, Michael Laudrup’s debut season as a Premier League manager was reasonably impressive, carrying on Brendan Rodgers’ good work to a record high league place as well as a League Cup trophy.

In light of his achievements, it was all rather surpassing to hear the news that the original Great Dane was to be fired from his role, with the clubs upper hierarchy citing the managers questionable running of the club.

Now, years later, it seems there MAY be more to the story.


Whilst Laudrup has not been accused of any wrong doing, the former Barcelona superstars agent Bayram Tutumlu has been connected with all manager financial wrongdoing during his employee reign with the Welsh side.

With the recent spout of football leaks their reported source, Danish paper Politiken claim that Laudrup’s agent made millions on players signed by the club on seven separate occasion.



In total, Tutumlu is accused of adding a whopping 3.6 million pounds to his back pocket for the transfers.

The paper has confidently claimed that acquired paperwork shows payments received for such members of the first team as Chico Flores and Pablo Hernandez – all dealings they report were unknown to the club.

Still, with the slightly mysterious circumstances with the way Laudrup left the club, Politiken indicate the managers agent may have something to do with the Danes exit.

Quoting a previously secret letter, dated February 13 2014, from a Swansea director to the League Manager’s Association regarding why Laudrup was sacked. It says:

The club had suspected that Michael Laudrup didn’t want a given player to join the club unless Bayram Tutumlu was involved in the transfer.

The club is still investigating player transfers in order to determine whether they were concluded at the club’s expense, while Bayram Tutumlu was affiliated with the club, and to what extent (if any) Michael Laudrup was involved in it.

Whilst Laudrup has denied any improper conduct, the story is yet another unwelcome insight to the games dark side.

(Via Politiken)


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