Liverpool expected to come in for Saints centre half Van Dijk


Southampton are prepared to continue in their role of upselling their players domestically, as Jurgen Klopp readies to move for Virgil van Dijk while Manchester United are known to be in want of Jose Fonte’s signature.


Van Dijk came to Southampton by way of Celtic in the summer of 2015, and has impressed widely in his time in England’s top flight. The Dutch international has also put in strong performances in international play, and has appeared even stronger and more confident in UEFA Europa League, scoring his only goal of the year. At just 25 years of age, now looks to be the time for another jump in competition.

Jose Fonte, who has been with Southampton since 2009, sees his contract expire soon and is known to long have been admired by the Red Devils. Eric Bailly and Chris Smalling have been sidelined with lower body injuries, and the veteran could step in with immediate, effective minutes. Southampton would surely need to find replacements on the market to replace these two if indeed they do decide to move for greener pastures.


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