Top 5: Mark Hughes Volleys

Mark Hughes Volleys
Mark Hughes Volleys
Hughes during ‘headier’ days at Manchester United

Seeing Mark Hughes take a public bashing whilst his Stoke side struggle through the season has got us all feeling a bit down.

As famous fence sitter Joey Barton has come out publically questioning the Welshman’s managerial competence, we would like to counter any feelings of misgiving by reminding everyone what a bloody good volleyer of the ball the man affectionately known as ‘Sparky’ was. Perhaps one of the best ever.

Here’s our favourite five Mark Hughes volleys.


Wales v Spain

Manchester United v Oldham

Manchester United v Nottingham Forest 92/94

Manchester United v Crystal Palace 92/93

Manchester United v Liverpool 92/93

As a bonus, lets of course not forget this doozy whilst in charge of Man City.


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