Brazilian legend Pelé to sue Samsung for $30 million over use of look-alike

Tech giants Samsung are about to feel the wrath of the great Pele after the greatest player to play the game took objection to a look-a-like used in a campaign.

Samsung and Pele were originally negotiations for a new campaign back in 2013 before the company pulled out.

A little while later Samsung published an ad in the New York times showing the face of “a smiling man who very closely resembles Pele” next to a television displaying a soccer player making a “scissors-kick”, which was according to the file, “perfected and famously used by Pele”.

The former Brazil superstar is claiming at least $30m (£21m), according to legal papers lodged at the US District Court in Chicago. The lawsuit was filed by Pele IP Ownership LLC, which owns the former player’s trademark and publicity rights.


Written by Michael

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