Zlatan receives golden record after his own version of the national anthem gets its 3,000,000 stream

As if there was any doubt he excels at everything he touches.


Sweden’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been honoured with the above golden trinket after his very own music piece streamed for the 3,000,000th time.

The PSG striker’s rendition of ‘Du Gamla, Du Fria’ (Thou Ancient, Thou Free)’, the Swedish national anthem to you and me, was produced with the help of Max Martin. After a year online following its use on an ad, the former Inter player has received a golden record for his troubles.

Speaking to Dagens Industri at the time of the launch, Ibra commented that he hoped it would in fact replace the current anthem.


“I have … what’s the best way of putting it … decided not to sing it. It hasn’t clicked for me. I am proud to be Swedish, absolutely, and I am proud to be the captain of the national team.

“When I go out on the pitch I want to give everything.

“But when it comes to the national anthem it hasn’t clicked for me to say or sing these words. Until now. This new national anthem is exactly what we need. The old was boring. This goes straight in. I hope this will become the new one. And who better to do that new one but Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Max Martin?”


And who are we to argue.

Have a listen to the moody masterpiece below.


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