Top 50 Fantasy Football Team Names – The best of the best

As the 2016/2017 Premier League season comes to an end, so does the Fantasy Football season. After a season full of ups and downs – the worst performance by reigning champions since the inception of the Premier League; a West Ham side that couldn’t adapt to their new ground and a relegation that one could argue was a long time coming for Sunderland – seen Chelsea crowned convincing Premier League champions.


But what of the Fantasy Football season? Many reading will have had a team that have fought it out for points week-on-week, with players such as Bournemouth’s Charlie Daniels and Swansea’s Fernando Llorente becoming cult heroes after stellar seasons.

You may very well have stopped checking your account 5 or 6 weeks in, but your team is still there (perhaps with Moussa Sissoko or Claudio Bravo still captain – not the best choices).
But with the transfer window, so comes one of the most enjoyable times of the prospective fantasy manager’s season – setting up a new team.

Every manager has the player’s they’ll pick each season: the attacking defender’s like Kyle Walker or Seamus Coleman; the midfielders who are indecipherable from strikers like Alexis Sanchez or Phillippe Coutinho; and perhaps the most important players of all, the out and out forwards that will score you the most points, such as harry Kane and Zlatan Ibrahimović.
But there’ll also be a whole new crop of player’s that will be vying to become Fantasy Football cult heroes (whether they realise it or not).

It’s never too early to begin thinking of what your fantasy football line-up is going to look like come the beginning of the season. When a proven goal scorer like Antoine Griezmann is linked to Manchester United or a tricky winger like Bernardo Silva signs for Manchester City, it’s enough to excite any would-be Conté’s and Pochettino’s about their new season line-ups.

And with every great team, must come a great team name – something that helps you stand out from the crowd; to make you at the very least the wittiest manager in your league, if not the best.
When the first day of the new season comes around, you’re going to want to have the best possible name for your side – and the possibilities are limitless.
Men Behaving Chadli. Law Abiding Sigurdssons. Baines on Toast.

A good fantasy football team name can define your season (kind of). There’s an art to formulating the perfect team name. Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time (You don’t necessarily need to have any affiliation with a club or its players to use them as part of a good team name, and it definitely doesn’t need to make sense). The most important thing is that it’s hilarious.
Perhaps you need some help coming up with inspiration for your 2017/2018 season side’s name. To help you along, below is a list of some of the finest word play Fantasy Football manager’s had to offer from the season gone by.

Top 50 Fantasy Football Team Names:
1. One Flew Over Lukaku’s Nest
2. Willian Dollar Baby
3. Gylfi Pleasures
4. Crouch Potatoes
5. The Vardy Boys
6. Show me the Mané
7. Lallana Del Rey
8. You Petr Cech Yourself (Before you Wreck Yourself)
9. Benteke Fried Chicken
10. Deeney in a Bottle
11. Delph and Safety
12. Boom Xhakalaka
13. Batshuayi Crazy
14. Pjanic at the Isco
15. No Weimann, No Cry
16. Ayew Ready for This?
17. Lord of the Ings
18. Bacuna Matata
19. Hakuna Juan Mata
20. Run the Kewell’s
21. Game of Throw-Ins
22. Game of Stones
23. Baines on Toast
24. Men Behaving Chadli
25. Dirty Sanchez
26. Beat Around Debuchy
27. A Room with a Pugh
28. Right in the Feghoulis
29. You Kante be Serious?
30. Claudio with a Chance of Meatballs
31. Dier Consequences
32. A Kiss from Danny Rose
33. The Huth, The Whole Huth and Nothing But The Huth
34. Ibe Gotta Feeling
35. All The Smallings
36. Lallanas in Pyjamas
37. AC A Little Silhouette of Milan
38. The Zat Knight Rises
39. The Wizard of Ozil
40. Cesc and the City
41. Slumdog Mignolet
42. Cahill’s Have Eyes
43. Fun Lovren Criminals
44. Giroud Let The Dogs Out
45. It’s All Gone Shane Long
46. 50 Shades of O’ Shea
47. Law Abiding Sigurdssons
48. Everyday I’m Schneiderlin/Bellerin/Coquelin
49. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Carrolls
50. Bad Kompany

Don’t forget, still the greatest place to play the game is at the Premier League’s official fantasy website.

By Paul Keegan


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