So you’re a huge soccer fan. You follow a dozen football leagues across the globe, keep yourself updated with all the latest news and scores of your favourite teams, you have the latest soccer game titles, and even play fantasy football online. But you want more. You want to feel the thrill of the game first-hand. So you figured you’d try out the game for yourself. You’ve bought your kit, perhaps you’ve already even bought shoes for the game. You then did your research: you went back to the roots of the game by reading its history, you’ve read the rules, you’ve understood what position you’ll play. Just one caveat: can’t play without a proper soccer ball. If you’re on a budget, then the following reviews might be a good read for you. Here are top 5 soccer balls under $50.

Adidas Performance EPP Glider Soccer Ball

Available in two bright colours, aptly named solar blue and solar pink, this soccer ball from Adidas is a great ball for children and those who like to play indoors, and can also work for those who fancy a bit of street soccer – as the colour of the ball stands out well, so all players can readily see it. For those who are worrying about its longevity considering it will be played too often on the street, its tight machine stitching and industrial-standard construction means it’s very durable and can withstand enormous wear and tear over time. Of course, with the rather bright colours, it’s not for everyone – but kids will love it. The price of this ball ranges from $30 to $50. Get the best price – here    

Mikasa FT5 Goal Master Ball

Made by Japanese sports company Mikasa, the FT5 Goal Master Ball is designed with well with no stitch at all – meaning bursting at the seams is unlikely to happen. Available in its cool and bright chequered yellow and blue colour, the Goal Master is an ideal ball for kids and beginners because of its non-rigid exterior and great visibility on the pitch. It’s also great for practice games and feels well for a quick game at the beach. The price of this ball ranges from $30 to $40. Get the best price – here    

Nike Strike La Liga Football

Relive all the passion and intensity of the Spanish La Liga with Nike’s Strike soccer ball. Made with superior stitching and Nike’s “aerowtrac” technology, it’s an accurate ball that feels light but is strong and durable at the same time. Its uncanny colour and design means it’s perfect on the pitch, indoors, on the street, and even on the beach. It’s perfect for a weekend seven-a-side game with friends. Plus, it’s the official ball of the Spanish league – not just the replica. In terms of re-enacting the experience of playing in Spain’s premier football league, it doesn’t get any better than this. The price of this ball ranges from $49 to $54. Get the best price – here    

Nike Strike Premium Ball

Donning Nike’s signature “Visual Power” graphic colouring design on a metallic black background, the Nike Strike Premium is a great training ball for those seeking the professional feel. Its high-grade stitching not only confers durability, it also looks great on the ball. Made with polyester finishing, the ball itself doesn’t look or feel “plasticky”, which adds to the genuine touch of the ball. Also, like all of Nike’s soccer balls, it’s made with Nike’s patented “aerowtrac” technology, which ensures maximum accuracy in the air. It’s a great ball suitable for those aiming for Sunday League glory, or perhaps even for semi-professional teams. And at its low price, it’s a steal. The price of this ball ranges from $30 to $35. Get the best price – here    

Adidas Performance Confederations Cup Top Glider Soccer Ball

For those looking for an affordable, inexpensive ball that is great value for money, the Adidas Performance Confederations Cup Top Glider is hands down the perfect choice. Made with superb stitching and rigid butyl bladder, this soccer ball can withstand tons of pressure and will stay inflated for a long time. The ball comes printed with its trademark design as well as the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 official logo, so you can live the thrill and the glory of playing in the grand stage of the Confederations Cup alongside the world’s best players. While the ball is of course, a replica ball, it does look more glossy than others, but the great machining of this ball and its overall construction – alongside its cheap price – makes this ball the best buy in the list. The price of this ball ranges from $12 to $37. Get the best price – here