As impressive as a fast piece of footwork, or perfectly judged piece of ball juggling can seem, the footballing world still seems in awe of the famous ‘nutmeg’. But, How to Nutmeg somebody? via GIPHY Picture the scenario – You are hardened defender who’s defensive skills are second to none, famed for you no-nonsense attitude to the game, image your surprise when an opposition defender evades you by simply putting the ball through your legs and retrieving it on the other side. No wonder it’s known as the ultimate footballing embarrassment. Not only is it a great way to get humiliate your opposition number, a perfectly timed nutmeg will free up space on the pitch in even the tightest of encounters. If you can’t run past somebody, perhaps the last thing defenders expect would be even you RAN THROUGH them.  

Sounds good, how do I Netmeg somebody?

The secret to nutmegging somebody? make it seem like it’s the very LAST thing on your mind. Defenders will often be obsessed with watching the ball as they harry you for the ball. As you move the ball sidewards in an effort to go around the player, you may notice the widening gap between his/her legs – this would be the perfect time to execute your move. Firstly drop your shoulder to make it seem like your going one way then deftly apply the ball between their legs. Of course, remember to retrieve the ball on the other side – a nutmeg CAN NOT be claimed if you don’t do this.

What players at the greatest at the nutmeg?

Think quick, skillful (often with a low center of gravity) players like Arjen Robben and Lionel Messi. Sometimes players take the move to the nth degree. Here’s Januzovic nutmegging a player, not TWICE, but THRICE.
Watch the below video for more inspiration.