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  • Manchester City
    City Eyeing Domestic Spree with 4 English Players in their Wishlist

    Premier League heavyweights Manchester City are eager to build a squad with English players in the...

  • Arsenal
    Why Arsene Wenger Needs to Recall Wilshere

    Whilst it’s easy to have reservations over the midfielders character given his previous off the pitch behavior,...

  • Arsenal
    Jack Whilshere comes in for a torrent of abuse during ESPN Twitter Q&A

    What with the midfielders social media gaffes, brushes with Spurs fans, not to mention a career seemingly forever spent on the treatment table, Jack Wilshere will be forever considered ‘fair game’ when it comes to non Arsenal fans. Somehow seeing the hashtag #AskJackWilshere as a genuine opportunity to engage with supporters, ESPN...

  • Crystal Palace
    Jack Wilshere mocked for tremendous Twitter gaffe

    Embed from Getty Images It really has been a season to forget for Jack Wilshere. From being sidelined for the majority of the season with injury problems, to being caught hiding behind some bins during a night club incident, Wilshere needs a little bit of good news – this latest social media...

  • News
    Wilshere lands himself in hot water after expletive ridden anti-Spurs chants during FA Cup trophy parade

    Jack Wilshere yesterday landed himself in hot water (ok well maybe luke warm) after leading Gunners fans on anti-Spurs songs during his sides FA Cup victory parade. Whilst we find his match interviews as pretty darn inaudible, given his extremely mumbly style of speach, Wilshere’s sentiments are pretty clear as he leads...

  • Arsenal
    Video: Arsenal players appear in eerie face-swap ad

    Being the club’s ‘official car and van rental partner’, Arsenal players Per Mertesacker, Jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain appear in a rather unsettling face-change ad for a certain car rental company. In the ad each player is represented by an imaginary relative using face morphing technology. WARNING, the ad contains Premier League...

  • Arsenal
    Vine: G Nev rips the headphones away from Wilshere pre game

    England coach and Sky pundit Gary Neville looks to give Wilshere a right telling of before England’s friendly with Scotland as the earphones get plucked right out the Arsenal midfielders ears. Schoolboy stuff…

  • Arsenal
    Mourinho trolls Arsenal with Fabregas jibe

    We all know Mourinho as somewhat of a trophy winning genius, it is also well known that he has a rather large capacity to act like an absolute 10 year old at any given moment. Earlier today the Portuguese manager aimed is turrets directly at Arsene Wenger by suggesting the following about...

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