Surviving a football free summer: How to stay sane and stay fresh

There is no doubt that football is one of the most popular sports around for people to follow. When you look deeper into the beautiful game itself, it is easy to see why. Whether you watch the English Premier League, Serie A or any other major global league, there are always games full of skill, goals and talking points to catch. Of course, there is also all the off-pitch drama that football gives fans too with dressing rooms bust-ups, transfer sagas and players falling out.


While this provides plenty of regular news and fun when the season is underway, come the summer months, it can all feel a bit flat. This is especially true if, as in 2019, there are no major international tournaments available to sate your appetite. Rather than sit around and mope though, you may be surprised to find there are lots of great things to do over the summer that do not involve football.


Play online casino games


Online gambling at casino sites is something that many people around the world do for fun and to make some extra money. Even some US citizens can get in on the act now, thanks to gambling at online casinos being legal in certain states. New Jersey is a great illustration of this as it won its bid to allow people within its borders to play at online casinos back in 2013. If you live there, you will have no trouble in finding an NJ online casino to play at. Wherever you live though, casino games online are not only exciting but a great way to pass the time. From slot games to classic table ones like Poker, you are sure to find something you love to beat summer boredom.


Go on holiday


Sometimes you can feel the absence of football in your life if there is nothing else to take your mind off it. Rather than moping at home, why not book a fabulous trip away to beat those blues? With the availability of cheap flights and cheap accommodation around the world now, it does not even have to cost a lot. Whether you go for a beach break or a city jaunt, you will be sure to see lots of new things and do lots of new things to help you get over football taking a break. Being away from home in new surroundings will also naturally help you feel better as will the weather if it is sunny.


Watch other sports


For most sports fans, football is just one game they choose to take an interest in. If this is the case for you, then you can simply choose to follow another sport that is still happening over the summer instead. This will fill the gap in your life for sports news and give you exciting matches or events to watch, while you wait for the football season to start over again. Cricket is a great summer game that can be really absorbing, or you could follow the tennis or F1 season. By the time you get through all that, you will be pleased to find football is almost starting again.




Another way to keep fresh and beat boredomwhen football takes a break is by exercising more. When the football season is on, you may find your planned workout routine goes by the wayside asthe games start to flow. This makes a football free summer the perfect chance to get in shape and obtain that ripped body. Whether you hit the gym, workout at home or head outside to get in shape, pick something you enjoy so you can stick with it. For added fun and sociability, why not rope in some of your football mates to exercise with you? You can always go for a drink afterwards to reward your hard work!


Learn a new skill


As above, you may suddenly find yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands with no football to watch or catch up on. A great way to use this time is by learning a new skill that could be valuable for your career or general life. Whether it is taking a DIY course at a local college to help improve your skills there or enrolling to learn a foreign language, the choices are endless.





Don’t worry – football will be back soon


As great as finding other things to do is, all football fans will be eagerly looking forward to the start of the new season. By that time, you will have prevented yourself from getting too down due to all the new things you have found to do, but certainly be set to see how your team does in the new campaign. If you think you need assistance in staying sane this summer without football, the above tips will help.




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