Roy Hodgson lays Euro 2016 fiasco firmly on the competancy of his players

Thankfully it’s become a faded memory to rank among the rest of England tournament embarrassments, never-the-less there’s no denying Roy Hodgson’s final Iceland themed hurrah as the Three Lions manager was eye wateringly disastrous, even by the standards of other England managers. Having had a few months to review what went wrong in France, the former Blackburn and Fulham manager has come to the conclusion that the blame should sit firmly with the players, more specifically their inability to take on tactical instructions.   Speaking in an interview with UEFA coaching magazine The Technician, Hodgson commented; One of the things I’ve learned in the last two years was overestimating players’ understanding of exactly what you want. In the last couple of years with England, we filmed the training sessions, we filmed the games in wide angle, and we started having meetings in smaller groups. We went through things, but we got them to tell us back what we had been telling them. To be fair the players had no say in some of the questionable decision undoubtely coming from the man on the side lines. Harry Kane taking corners anyone? Sure we’ve got limited players, doesn’t quite excuse the fact that every tournament brings up a surprise package of willful chancers making the latter round regardless. Just for once, why can’t it be us. Interestingly enough, Hodgson has not desire to retire following the summers fiasco. Speaking to the BBC’s Radio 5 live’s Sportsweek, he said “Football is very much in my blood and very much part of my life,” said the 69-year-old, who has 40 years managerial experience. “I want to be involved in football. I feel good. If an offer comes along that I think is the right one for me and for the club, of course I shall be happy to take it.” “When I’m not in some way actively involved I feel a part of my life is not being fulfilled.” Will be interesting to see what ailing clubs will come forward for his services. Whilst the game may have left him behind, there’s no denying many owners will still hold him in high regards given his past glories.
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