Predicting How English Teams Will Do in the Champions League Next Year

This year’s Champions League is just about to draw to an exhilarating close, after Liverpool and Tottenham’s also miraculous comebacks against Barcelona and Ajax respectively. But it’s never too early to begin predictions for the next year’s Champions League competition, Betfair is already thinking ahead & you have to think all the big bookies are eyeing up next years competition. As one of the most exciting and widely followed tournaments in the world of sport, it’s no surprise that fans and clubs alike are thinking ahead to what next year will bring. We’ve been a little spoiled this year, with a guaranteed English champion, but will things be quite so good next year? Here are some predictions as to how Premier League might fare in the Champions League going forward.


Manchester City


Manchester City’s Premier League title win this year was their fourth in eight years but they’ve yet to replicate that success in the Champions League. City fans have shown some distain for the competition mostly due to UEFA’s Financial Fair Play rules which punished the club in 2014 with a £49million fine. However, all but the most stubborn supporters would love to add the Champions League to their list of successes. That means City will be out to prove themselves next year. Despite a successful season, mainstays like Silva and Kompany aren’t getting any younger and this current crop of stars will be looking to maximise their victories.




The heartbreak of missing out on the Premier League title might give Liverpool the impetus they need to avenge last year’s Champions League final loss to Real Madrid. Liverpool have had a brilliant run this season and with either a win or runner-up position to play for in June, they’re in a great position for performing just as well next year. Liverpool have one of the best defences in the sport and a brilliant goal scoring trio of Salah, Mane and Firmino. They’re firm favourites to win this year’s title and success in this year’s competition would make it even easier for Klopp to attract world-class players for next year, allowing them to mount another challenge at the Premier League title.




Chelsea won the Champions League back in 2012 so the club is capable of achieving the title, but things can turn around quickly in football and odds are much lower for the squad than other clubs in the league. Despite claiming a Champions League spot, Chelsea are facing a ban that will mean they can’t sign any players in the next two transfer windows, which would massively impact their ability to perform their best. Speculations are that Chelsea won’t be able to compete to the same standard as the likes of Man City or Liverpool next year, placing them a class apart from the rest. For Chelsea fans, just qualifying for next years competition has given them some hope they will hold on to Eden Hazard, who remains their only real chance at achieving big things.


Tottenham Hotspur


Finalists for this year’s Champions League, Tottenham Hotspur have proven themselves worthy of the title which could open the floodgates for attracting the right type of players for next year’s competition. Tottenham didn’t spend money on new players last season as a result of their new grounds being built, which should mean that this season they have money to play with in getting great quality players for the squad. It is difficult to imagine Spurs doing much more than treading water – but how long will they be able to hold on to Kane, Alli, and others, if this is the case?

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