Copa America Flashback: Martin Palermo misses 3 penalties in one game – a world record

With advancements in the modern era of sports coverage, the Copa America’s popularity has seemingly surged outside of South America. Despite matches just before the turn of the millennium being rather hard to come by outside of satellite channels such as Eurosport or even dodgy cable, it was still rather hard to avoid Martin Palermo’s Copa America exploits when representing Argentina. Now it must be said, as any Championship Manager aficionados will agree, Martin Palermo was a striker of great talent. Playing for his beloved Boca Juniors, Palermo won six championships, two Copa Libertadores, one Intercontinental Cup and two Copa Sudamericana, while became twice the top scorer in Argentina. However, in the nerve splitting cauldron that is a international tournament football, things, to put it delicately, can easily go tits up.
Take a look at those stats.
Take a look at those stats.
Palermo became the infamous subject of the most unwanted of world records when ,during his sides group match against Colombia, the Argentine missed, not one, not two (you see where this is going), but an incredible three penalties in one match.
Martin Palermo misses THREE Penalties IN ONE GAME! by Deborahdeeley3452 Incidentally the striker did score in the following match against Uruguay, helping his side to a quarter final were they were then knocked out be eventual winners Brazil. If you think however that it couldn’t get any worse for Palermo, here he is breaking his leg when celebrating a goal for Villarreal. Good lord…..

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