Manchester United salaries – how much do the players earn

With 13 Premier League titles, Manchester United are undeniably the most successful English club of the modern era. Not only that, the Old Trafford side certainly pack a punch in the financial stakes. Naturally, this filters down to their multi-million-pound squad. Don’t let a disappointing 5th placed position fool you, United pay big money for their players. This article details the Manchester United salaries, ie their weekly earnings and yearly earnings.



Top 5 Earners at Manchester United

paul pogba salary
Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba is the top earned player in Manchester United with weekly earnings of £290,000 with an annual income of £15.08m. He recently signed to Manchester United with a sum of £100m breaking the record of the world most expensive player. He has no history of awards collected in Manchester United.  He started his football career with the youth team at Manchester United before moving to Juventus. The 24-year-old player was born in France. Paul Pogba joined Manchester United during the summer transfer window in 2016/2017 and had made the club proud in all ways. He has a market value of over £100m and has scored a total number of 6 goals within the few months he joined Manchester United.


wayne rooney salary
How much does Wayne Rooney earn?
Wayne Rooney is an English footballer and as the oldest player in Manchester United. He is the team’s captain with a lot of great records and as led the club to victory a significant number of times. He is the second top paid player among the other teammate with weekly earnings of £260,000 and yearly earnings of £13.52m. He was awarded the Top Scorer of the year in 2009 and the player of the year in 2010. The 31 years old player plays both forward and midfield position in Manchester United with a total number of 252 goals since 2004. Rooney has a market value of over £17m, and he is said to leave Manchester United after this season ends.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic salary
How much does Zlatan Ibrahimovic earn?
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the third top paid player in from Sweden with weekly earnings of £220,000 and yearly earnings of £11.44m apart from bonuses for the goals scored within a year and other awards. Ibrahimovic was signed into Manchester United from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in 2016/2017 season and has been making a rather large mark on the team. He was signed to Manchester United on a free transfer and has done the club proud with some stellar performances. He has scored a total number of 28 goals for the club within the past few months he arrived. He plays the center forward position at Manchester United and has a market value that ranges between of £10.2m, astounding given his late years.


david de gea salary
How much does David De Gea earn?
David De Gea is fourth highest paid professional footballer in Manchester United. He plays the goalkeeping position in Manchester United. He is known to be one of the best goalkeepers in the world today. De Gea has weekly earnings of £200,000 and yearly earnings of £10.4m. He is from Spain and was born in 1990. He has a market value of £40m. David De Gea contract doesn’t expire till 2019, and he has made a total number of 268 appearances for Manchester United.


juan mata salary
How much does Juan Mata earn?
Juan Mata is the fifth highest paid player with weekly earnings of £140,000 and yearly earnings of £7.3m. Mata plays the midfield position in Manchester United with a total number of 36 goals. He has a market value that ranges between £31m – £45m and his contract doesn’t expire till 2018. The 29 years old player was born in Spain.

Manchester United wage bill


Player Name Age Country Position Weekly Earnings Yearly Earnings Contract Duration
David de Gea 24 Spain Goal Keeper £200,000 £10.4m 4 years (2019)
Sergio Romero 28 Argentina Goal Keeper £50,000 £2.6m 3years (2018)
Eric Bailly 22 Cȏte d’Ivoire Defender £75,000 £3.9m 4years (2020)
Marcos Rojo 24 Argentina Defender £70,000 £3.64m 4years (2019)
Phil Jones 22 England Defender £50,000 £2.6m 1year (2016)
Chris Smalling 25 England Defender £80,000 £4.2m 5years (2020)
Antonio Valencia 31 Ecuador Defender £80,000 £4.2m 2years (2019)
Tyler Blackett 20 Defender £20,000 £1m 5year (2020)
Luke Shaw 19 United Kingdom Defender £70,000 £3.64m 3years (2018)
Matteo Darmian 25 Italy Defender £60,000 £3.12m 4years (2019)
Daley Blind 24 Netherlands Defender £75,000 £3.9m 4years (2018)
Michael Carrick 33 England Midfielder £80,000 £4.2m 1year (2016)
Ander Herrera 27 Spain Midfielder £75,000 £3.9m 3years (2018)
Marouane Fellaini 27 Belgium Midfielder £80,000 £4.2m 3years (2018)
Juan Mata 26 Spain Midfielder £140,000 £7.28m 3years (2018)
Paul Pogba 23 France Midfielder £290,000 £15.08m 5years (2021)
Jesse Lindegard 24 United Kingdom Midfielder £`100,000 £5.2m 1year (2017)
Ashley Young 29 England Midfielder £110,000 £5.72m 1year (2017)
Henrikh Mkhitaryan 27 Armenia Midfielder £140,000 £7.28m 4years (2020)
Anthony Martial 21 France Forward £65,000 £3.38m 5years (2020)
Marcus Rashford 18 England Forward £20,000 £1m 4years (2020)
Wayne Rooney 31 England Forward £260,000 £13.52m 4years (2019)
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 35 Sweden Forward £220,000 £11.44m 1year (2017)
James Wilson 19 United Kingdom Forward £5,000 £26,000 1year (2017)



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