How to play soccer

The sport of kings, or an irrelevant king around on a stretch of grass, whatever you think about soccer, no sport has gripped the world quite like the beautiful game. But, how to play soccer?

Week by week we will be giving a run down on soccer basics, such as the rules, notable history and techniques in just so you can get a handle on the game.

Rules –
By the Book: The 17 Rules of Soccer
Soccer Field Dimensions

Beginners guides –
Who Invented Soccer
Soccer Formations
Soccer Positions

Soccer Skills –
How to Kick a Soccer Ball
How to Juggle a Soccer Ball
How to Nutmeg somebody

Players Records
10 Oldest Players
10 Fastest Soccer Players

Equipment –
Top 5 Indoor Soccer Shoes
Top 5 Soccer Balls Under $50

Chelsea players salaries
Manchester United players salaries
Manchester City players salaries

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