Gaining an edge – insider info on football betting

  If football is a funny old game, then football betting is even funnier. While, it is tough to make a profit on football betting it is entirely possible, and hundreds if not thousands of people do come out in the black when they place repeated punts on the beautiful game. If you want to give yourself an edge when it comes to football betting, the four main aspects of football betting you need to focus on are perhaps:
  • Only use singles – you may get better odds on doubles and accumulators but you’re increasing your chances of the bet failing.
  • Bet on short odds favourites – again, the odds are betting on long-shots, but even if you gain the odd winner you won’t return a profit in the long run.
  • Use insider information on football betting – obtaining information from those in ‘the business’ can go a long way to helping you make successful football bets.
Think long-term rather than short. Even the most successful football tipsters have periods where they make losses week after week, so at times it’s a question of being patient, keeping the faith and never chasing your losses. If you are serious about wanting to maximise your chances of being profitable with your football betting, then finding insider information on football betting is one of the best ways of maximising your return. Insider information may not be what you think it is, especially if you think it’s dodgy information about match-fixing, or any unscrupulous like that. Insider information is usually from experienced professional football tipsters, or former professional football stars, or people currently employed within the betting industry (although not necessarily those employed by an online sports book). You certainly do not have to be ‘in the know’ within the football realm in order to receive insider information on football betting, as such information is readily available on certain websites, as long as you are willing to pay for it. The sort of insider info you might receive is as follows:
  • information from those within the industry – such as a key player being unavailable for a certain team for a crucial game that the bookmakers have not picked up on.
  • key analysis from historical data that is used to evaluate any crucial differences between the odds given by bookmakers, and the actual probabilities of a certain team winning or losing a match.
  • information on good-looking odds that bookmakers are offering when in fact they have important info on the event which explains why the odds given are far more attractive than they ought to be.
Insider information is often not cheap, but it’s hardly likely to suck all the cash out of your bank balance too – unlike following a series of ‘gut picks’ when it comes to your football betting is likely to do. If you want to become a success in your football betting – and more importantly, return a constant profit – then investing in insider information on football betting gives you one more weapon in your sports betting arsenal.

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