Paul Gascoigne, Lazio, with a pony tail

Flashback: The time Gazza sported a ponytail

Making the transition to Italian football following a £5.5 million in 1993, Paul Gascoigne’s time with Lazio was one of highs and lows. Whilst scoring a last gasp equaliser against fierce rivals Roma effectively made him a cult hero, Gazza’s time in the first team was often hindered by injury, not to mention the fact that he fell on the wrong side of club owner Sergio Cragnotti after Gascoigne greeted him by saying “Tua figlia, grande tette” (roughly translated as ‘your daughter has big tits’). Nice. Perhaps another low point for the dazzling midfielder was this short lived, and often forgotten, hairstyle sported in his first year with the Rome club. One for the archives we feel. img_3578

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