(Watch) Coutinho exhibits blinding Futsal skills in unearthed video

With their title charge going through somewhat of a lull recently, Liverpool fans will be overjoyed to here Phillips Coutinho is set to return to the Liverpool fold after and extended layoff. Coutinho plays Futsal. Already considered an all time Premier League hero by those concerned with the fun side of the game, a little video gem appeared on social media recently (circa 2005) of the little Brazilian trickster tearing up indoor Futsal pitches with some devastatingly fleet feet. Blinding. Not only that, the former Inter Milan forward has never forgotten his roots when it comes to game. Speaking to Samba Foot during his first season at the Merseyside club, Coutinho explained; “I played futsal from the age of six,” Coutinho said. “Then when I was seven I went to Vasco da Gama, I was playing futsal until I was 11 before I moved to the pitch. “This is where I learned my skills. When you play futsal it is more technical and much quicker. “The place where you play is much smaller and the pace higher so you need to be a highly technical player to play futsal properly. “That helped me a lot so wherever I go I try to adapt and learn quickly. Glorious stuff. And not a muddy pitch with a sideline of parents shouting ‘Clear it!!’ insight.

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