“Christ almighty. Why did they do that? – Ferguson recalls the famous Cream Liverpool cup final suit

Possessing an accumulative trophy haul his fellow professionals can only dream of, Sir Alex Ferguson time and gain throughout his coaching career demonstrated a genius like approach to football management.

Seemingly vital to his approach was his penchant for, well, being an utter bastard.

Taking part in recent BBC 1 hr documentary that examines the red faced trophy hogger, with the help of players past and present…and Tony Blair, Ferguson has given his most revealing examination of his leadership methods.

In one particular part we see the Welsh Wizard reminisce about those famous cream coloured ‘Spice Boys’ suits of the 1996 FA Cup final, more precisely how Ferguson very much used the fashion crime to his advantage.

Giggs recalled: “The Liverpool episode at Wembley, when they were wearing the white suits, he would use stuff like that.

“He said ‘Have you seen this lot? Have you seen what they’re wearing? They think they’ve won it already’.

“Stuff like that would get into your heads and get you thinking ‘What do you mean they think they’ve won it already?’”

Ferguson is then shown a picture of the Liverpool side in the baffling attire, he responds; “Christ almighty. Why did they do that?

“I said to Brian Kidd [Ferguson’s then assistant] ‘1-0’ – because of that [Liverpool’s white suits].

“It’s – I don’t know what you’d call it – arrogance, over-confidence, I don’t know what, but it was ridiculous. I think it was absolutely ridiculous.

“Blue shirt, red and white tie, a white suit and a blue flower. Who designed that? They say it was Armani – I bet his sales went down!

“Jamie Redknapp’s got his sunglasses on, but the most telling part of it is that Ron Evans [Liverpool boss] and Ronnie Moran [assistant boss] had black suits on. I think they were embarrassed.

“Liverpool Football Club is a great club with history. They’ve won the European Cup more times than Manchester United.

“Between United and Liverpool they’ve won more trophies than any club in Britain. That didn’t represent Liverpool.”

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