Balotelli posts a picture of his home town , only to use a picture of the wrong place

Whilst Mario Balotelli gaffe’s are seemingly ten a penny (ha, remember the time he pissed in someone’s shoes?), this little gem caused a little under the breath chuckle. With AC Milan taking the trip to Palermo for Wednesday’s Serie A fixture, Balotelli went all misty eyed over the chance to return to his city of birth. The former Inter and Man City striker even went as far to post a beautiful seaside picture of the location on his Insta, captioned with: “I love the city where I was born!!! Palermo ♥ ♥ ♥”    Err, however, as pointed out by an eagle eyed commenter, the image was in fact of Cefalu – a town roughly 50 miles down the North Sicilian coast. Nice. Mario’s immediate repost? “It’s still a photo of Sicily” Yeah but….ah nevermind.

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