Analysing Liverpool 0-0 Manchester United

Manchester United and Liverpool are two of the most popular clubs in the Premier League. Though the Red Devils might be in a much better position than Liverpool, the two teams aren’t that far from one another when it comes to their performance.


Aside from the similar weaknesses they have in their defensive end, their recent matchup which resulted in a goalless draw is another proof that there’s really something wrong with their games.

But despite the fruitless matchup, the game is still no doubt one of the most entertaining ones even though it happened a few weeks ago. Several goal scoring opportunities were evenly scattered throughout the initial stages of the game. But that was all.

In the minutes to follow after the first match, the tempo of the game began subsiding and it became a boring match. David de Gea showcased his prowess in defending the Red Devils’ goal as he saved the team from possibly losing to Joel Matip’s properly-timed kick.


Man United’s defense was clearly out of sync, even though de Gea showed his excellence in saving Matip’s attempted goal. Liverpool had way more goal scoring opportunities throughout the game, primarily because they have home court advantage in Anfield.

Jose Mourinho also failed to recognize the other strengths of the Reds as he solely focused on their counter-attacking. This made their attacking positions vulnerable. What made it even worse is that Mourinho didn’t make the most out of his offensive lineup.

Romelu Lukaku just carried a lot of responsibilities on his back, which resulted in his loss of efficiency throughout the game. Dejan Lovren knew this loophole in the United’s offense, which is why he led his team in the many goal scoring opportunities they had.

However, this resulted to an unprecedented domino-effect that exhausted the Reds quickly. As the game went on, the tension between the two clubs heated up. This led to the Reds becoming reckless. They focused on speed and sacrificed precision and smooth transitions in the process.

That’s the reason why they had a lot of opportunities to score, but all of it turned fruitless. The full-backs of Liverpool didn’t even contribute that much to support the attackers’ strategy. They functioned like mere displays because they were improperly placed in the field.

Jurgen Klopp was too much busy acknowledging the weaknesses of the Reds, which ultimately led him to be blinded. However, it’s worth noting that Joe Gomez and Lovren outsmarted Lukaku, and that’s pretty much it. After that, the two clubs pretty much repeated each other’s mistakes.

It was literally like a circus between the two sides as they showed exhilarating showmanship but still failed to score even a single goal. When it comes to comparing the two clubs, it’s easy to say that Manchester United is the better team than Liverpool.

Their current standing in the Premier League supports their superiority over the Reds as they are in the 2nd spot, next to Man City. Meanwhile, Liverpool is sitting far back at the 8th position. Even Burley FC, a club that lacks any significant superstar, had overtaken the once favorites.

But when you’re looking at the Premier League free bets list from recommended UK bookmakers, you’ll see that Liverpool still has hope to improve. The Reds odds to win the season are 66/1, putting them at the 5th place. Meanwhile, Man United have strong 9/2 odds as they’re sitting second to Man City’s favorite 2/5 odds.

If the same mistakes happen in the next games, then most probably, Liverpool will be more affected than United. But if it goes the other way around and the Reds learn from their mistakes, then they’re likely to overtake Chelsea and Tottenham’s respective 25/1 and 16/1 odds.


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