From No 1 to All But Gone: Where Did It All Go Wrong for Joe Hart?


After having confirmed his departure with Torino and return to Manchester City a few weeks ago, out-of-favour goalkeeper Joe Hart is back in limbo, and the player himself has admitted he has no idea what to do next, saying he has “nothing at the moment”.

Joe Hart was supposed to be the next great goalkeeper. So far, he has already won two Premier League titles, an FA Cup trophy, and two League Cup wins. He has won the Premier League Golden Glove award for an impressive four consecutive years, from the 2010-11 season until the 2014-15 campaign.

It seemed Hart was destined for glory, then it all came crashing down.


Hart’s descent into obscurity started in the Euro 2016 competition a year ago, when he conceded two weak goals against underdogs Iceland in the 1st knockout round of the prestigious tournament. Since then, newly-installed Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has decided Hart had to go, opting instead to look for a goalkeeper who can fit in a “sweeper-keeper” role.

The Shrewsbury-born goalie was soon sent away, almost as if on exile, to the Serie A, joining Italian side Torino, where Hart had hope to, but ultimately failed to impress.

In his full year with the Turin-based club, Hart had conceded 64 goals in a span of 38 matches – that’s conceding two goals every three games. From keeping 15 to 20 clean sheets a season in the years prior, Hart only managed to keep 6 clean sheets last season, a stark drop in form which only cemented his exit from the Etihad Stadium.

Now out of Torino and back in Manchester City purgatory, Hart has admitted he has nowhere to go, especially after his mother club have brought in Benfica goalkeeper Ederson Moraes in recent days.

“I would love to give you a poker-face answer, but I’ve got nothing at the moment,” Hart said in an interview.

“I’d love to be withholding information about my future, but I don’t have the information to withhold. My personal situation is interesting and patience is going to have to be the key,” the Englishman added.

Asked if there are offers currently on the table, Hart’s response was curt. “I need an offer first and then I need to work out my options if I have choices.”

There were rumours in recent months that Arsenal were keen on bringing in Hart as a replacement for the iconic Petr Cech, but it appears those reports have already fizzled out, leaving the two-time Premier League winner at a standstill.

It remains to be seen what happens with Hart come next season, but if there’s one thing for certain, it definitely isn’t going to be with Manchester City.


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