Daniel Craig’s appearance as Liverpool game leads to hilarious meltdown from TalkSport presenter

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He may have well have served queen and country as the last line of defence within a fictional world for just about 50 (actual) years, it doesn’t excuse James Bond from being the slightest bit partisan when it comes the beautiful game – if the logic of TalkSports Mike Parry is anything to go by.

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After the cameras were unforgivingly fixated on Bond actor Daniel Craig throughout the weekend’s Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton, the presenter grew weirdly agitated that the thespian dare show is Premier League allegiances for the world to see.



Whilst Craig delighted in watching his side put aside their fierce rivals 3-1 on the day, Parry let fly on his Twitter – presumably with angry tears in his eyes.

Before following up with….

Yup, people really just do not get it do they Mike.

He then wades in on his seeming celebrity privileges.

All before clarifying thing again with those who are worried about his sence of perspective.

Just glorious.

(Via the Liverpool Echo)


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