Pep Guardiola shows hilarious disdain for manager of the month award


His side my have made impressive bounds in becoming a cohesive side, however it still seems that Pep Guardiola is far from happy with his side still helplessly behind Chelsea in the Premier League stakes.

Handed the February Premier League manager of the month award for the sides three wins against West Ham, Swansea and Bournemouth, the former Champions League winner refused to be enthused by his trinket.

The Catalonia born manager muttered that he believed he’d only been given it because “[Antonio] Conte’s cupboard is full”, before explaining that he doesn’t even care about the accolade in the slightest.


It would be easy to tarnish the City manager for being such a misery guts, however to have won so much in such a short managerial career, an individual award such as this must seem a little pointless in the grand scheme of things.


Written by Michael

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