Match in Mexico descends into madness as 3 players sent off in 10 mins


Without wanting to slap the continent with an ugly stereotype, for true footballing madness, Central America more often than is the place to go for some truly epic news worthy encounters.

What with recent furor served up by Premier League bad boys Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Tyrone Mings this weekend, Mexican side Toluca showed their European cousins an absolute clinic in the art of acting up during their Copa MX encounter with Morelia.

First of all Jesus Mendez got on the wrong side of the match referee when fouling an opponent, a second infrinjment meant the midfielder would be shown a second yellow.


Things soon escalated when the sides protests lead to another sending off, this time for goalkeeper Alfredo Talavera. Not quite believing that his side had shot themselves in the foot quite enough, Enrique Triverio got his marching orders for sarcastically clapping the official amid the chaotic 10 minutes.

Truly a referee who takes no funny business.


Written by Michael

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