Why Manchester United Should Sign Harry Kane

There’s been dozens and dozens of rumors over the past couple of years about Manchester United signing a big-name striker. In fact, they’ve come through with the signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic for this season. Now, they’ve long been rumored to have interest in both Romelu Lukaku and Harry Kane, and it’s the second of which that they should sign.


1. Looking to the future
Zlatan simply isn’t going to last forever. His form has been absolutely spectacular, and it’s likely that he could play well into his 40s, but to do so at this high of a level is very unlikely. So, Kane would provide a link to the future and would be someone that could also partner Zlatan in the mean time or take over in a solo effort when Zlatan needs a rest.

2. Making a statement
Sometimes, you just have to make it known that you can do something. For example, signing Paul Pogba was a bit of a statement signing. While he was absolutely necessary, it still said we’re Manchester United and we can spend the big money to bring in players above the other big clubs. This is the case here. Send out a message to the rest of the league that you can have whomever you like.

3. Weaken a rival
Spurs have become a true force under Mauricio Pochettino of late, and they are kicking back into form by the looks of things now. With the competition for Champions League places so tight, Mourinho can cut one of their legs out from under them by buying one of their most important players. No matter the money, either, because Spurs have had a situation similar to this with Gareth Bale before. They didn’t spend that money very well that time, so it’s not a guarantee they could just turn it all to good this time.

4. Add yet another Englishman to the side
In a day and age where the English player is marginalized, this could be an avenue to ensure they keep that tradition up. He and Rashford could develop a long-running partnership, and United would have years and years of success up front with them.

Written by Michael

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