Why Arsene Wenger Needs to Recall Wilshere

Whilst it’s easy to have reservations over the midfielders character given his previous off the pitch behavior, seeing Jack Wilshire boss the Bournemouth midfielder for full 90 minute matches has been a welcome sight for any England fan.


The midfield dynamo’s resurgence however must be infuriating for Arsenal fans, not least the casting members of Arsenal TV who are, well, always infuriated.

With supporter unrest following consecutive defeats to Everton and Man City, Arsene Wenger’s side is in urgent need of help in the midfield areas, simply and he needs a player with the quality of Wilshere. Rather than going out and making a panic buy with their vast pockets, they can dip down into their own book’s and pull out one of the greatest technical English players of his generation.

A recent example of this strategy was exhibited by Chelsea when they announced over the last couple of days that they had recalled Nathan Ake from a loan spell at Bournemouth. The Cherries had given Ake time to blossom at center back, and he’d done extremely well in defence and in attack as well. Whilst there have been many detractors of the Blue’s mass amount of loaned out talent, Conte can considered himself lucky to be able to bring back a player of demonstrated quality.

Wilshere has been outside of the club all season, therefore has somehow avoided the curse of the Arsenal training ground injury that’s blighted his career. We’ve seen that his fresh perspective- and talent- have greatly helped improve Eddie Howe’s Bournemouth side. Why can’t Wilshere do the same back at the Gunners?

With midfield options running low, it is vital that Wenger takes action now- before it is too late to do so. Mohamed Elneny has gone away to the Africa Cup of Nations, Francis Coquelin has picked up some injury, and Santi Cazorla has been out a while.

Then, you have Granit Xhaka in there with his rashness. Whilst his show stopping left peg looks an admirable weapon, you never know quite what he’ll do, or whether he’ll be available from week-to-week. With games still coming at a fast rate, Wilshere could help alleviate the problems there. Wilshere can come in and bring something to the team that it desperately needs: stability….that is of course if his legs don’t lose their very own stability

Arsenal need to sure things up quickly, not just so a title fight remains a possibility, but so that they can keep Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil around with Europe’s biggest clubs hovering. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure that they aren’t having to overwork to get a 3-3 draw after they’ve gone behind by three. What’s needed is someone that will be a steady influence over the game.

This is why Arsene Wenger needs to swallow his pride and get Jack back. A fresh influence before the season yet again completely slips away.

Written by Michael

Obsessive fan at heart, football blogger, David Brent quote enthusiast and father of one.

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