Theo Walcott coffee gushes over potential new coffee machine


Whilst the England internationals goal against Bournemouth this weekend was a joy to behold for even the most committed members of the ‘Wenger-out’ parade, only post the win do we understand the true joy Theo Walcott is now feeling in light of his efforts.

Already beeming with the arrival of his baby son Arlo hours before kick-off, the former Southampton speedsters glorious year was almost complete with the promise of a brand spanking new coffee machine.

Yes, actually.

Speaking to the Telegraph after the match,
Walcott went to on to explain that if his goal tally reached double figures by this time next month (9 currently), he would be the proud owner of a new Nespresso machine, courtesy of his lovely wife Mel.

He explained….

She said ‘if you get ten goals before Christmas I’ll buy you this coffee machine’.

So I can’t wait for that and hopefully it will happen. Coming from the wing as well, I’m obviously delighted with my goals so far.

Which leads us to think, has Theo ever actually looked at his payslip?

Either way, Arsene will do well to remember how easy it his to get the best out of his striker.

(Via Telegraph)

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