Sami Nasri details Guardiola’s peculiar sex curfew on City

Having already aired his confidence that he would remain a mainstay in the side following his new managers appointment, Samir Nasri was left rather egg faced when Pep Guardiola decided that his services would be better felt as part of a rotation system due to the excess weight he was carrying upon when returning for pre-season. This pushed Nasri to a move to sunny Spain were he currently resides with Sevilla.



Whilst the move seems to more likely than not ended the Frenchman’s time with Manchester City, Nasri has been undeniably impressive for his new side this season, notching up 3 goals in 10 appearances for the Europa League specialists.

Not that the City exile begrudges his managers decision to rely on others in his place. Speaking to L’Equipe recently, Nasri maintained his relation with Pep was good and even went to ‘bed room tactics’ that the former Barca man asserts on his team.


He goes on…..

When I returned from holiday having had a year out with injury problems and personal life problems, I was a little out of shape.

Not as much as what was said but a few, maybe, four kilos overweight. For Guardiola, over 2.5 kilos and you do not you train with the group.

Guardiola told me that I was a mess, he told me several times and even kicked me in the butt, literally.

He told me with your qualities you should not be at Manchester City, you should be at Barcelona.

We had some discussions, he wanted me to stay and play for him. I told him no, because he couldn’t assure me a first team place and I wanted to play.
He told me he thought I was making a mistake.

Wow, so the French hell raiser really was held in high esteem by his manager. Nasri then went on to detail the bedroom curfew Guardiola likes to assert over his squads.

There is the ‘midnight rule’. For him, his players’ sexual activity must take place before midnight in order to get a good night sleep – even if they are free the next day.

He [Guardiola] said that he placed this rule on Lionel Messi and his muscles have improved since.


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