Messi Tattoo

Messi Tattoo: As the Barca man unveils new ink, Let’s look at his other designs



Messi Tattoo

Don’t get us wrong, Lionel Messi’s ‘bad boy’ incarnation of the last couple of years or so has been nothing but entertainment. From his glorious ginger-hued beard to his 90’s revival blonde haircut, his efforts to chop and change have been duly noted. This latest aesthetic change has no less grabbed our attention. Another Messi tattoo.

Added to his various tattoo’s embodied all over his torso, Messi has quite an interesting themed design on one of his calf’s that features his number, Angel wings, flowers, swords, footballs, and the handprints of his son Thiago.

A truly nice gesture.


Possibly sick to the back teeth of looking at it whenever he puts his boots on, Messi has instead decided to paste a design covering over it. With the result looking like a, well, like a black sock.

Check out the latest Messi Tattoo below.

Bloody disgusting.

What about Messi’s other Tattoo’s?

The Argentine genius currently possesses a full sleeve on his right arm that features an image of Jesus Christ placed on his tricep, not doubt an inclination that the Barca star is a big fan of JC’s church.messi sleave tattoo

Also shown is a lotus flower, interestingly enough, a symbol associated with purity and beauty in the religions of Buddhism and Hinduism. Perhaps our Argentine miniature genius finds his inspiration in the world’s religions.

However, an image of Barcelona’s famous church ‘Sagrada Familia‘ perhaps shows where his allegiances really lie.

Left Leg

The players Left leg was previously adorned with a sword partnered with wings, a flower pattern and hand prints from his eldest son Thiago. HOWEVER, all such meaningful illustrations have now been covered up by a sizeable strip of black with his famous number 10 coming out of the darkness. (as illustrated above)

messi old leg tattoo


The players back is adorned with a tattoo of his mother Celia. As the young Messi and his father departed Argentina for the bright lights of Barca as a youngster, Celia was tasked with the bringing up of the rest of his brothers and sisters, no doubt a token that the forward feels indebted for.
messi back tattoo


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