Joe Hart admits to possibly being too pumped up during Euro 2016 disaster

It’s been a regular occurrence at every tournament he’s featured in, Joe Hart getting hyped up hoping his wild abandon rubs of on the rest of the squad.


And we all know how the story seems to end.


Now seeing his wild chest thumping ways as anything but conducive, Hart has now come to the conclusion that his passion should probably be best channeled through other means.


Referencing England’s humiliating Euro 2016 exit to Iceland this summer, in which Hart dropped a couple of undeniable clambers during and indeed in the build up, Hart has come to some conclusions during an interview with the Guardian.

I’m always trying to learn and adapt, and obviously the European Championship wasn’t my finest hour. Hart commented.

I needed to have a think and pick apart how I played and what I did, and maybe change a few things speaking to the people who count.

Seeking advice. Even with Gareth, we spoke about it. I’ve got a lot of energy, a lot of passion. Questionably, it could have been too much.

But there are ways of channelling that. I’m constantly changing and evolving, trying to be the best I can be, and learning from things that didn’t go too well is definitely a way of doing that.

There’s nothing wrong with [being] positive. Being passionate and proud of your country is definitely a positive. But there are just different ways of channelling it.

I’ve looked into that, and hopefully it will help.


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