Flashback: David James drives home a Reliant Robin as punishment for poor Portsmouth training session

September 18, 2016


Keeping goal for a high flying Portsmouth during their 2006 heyday, David James gave an example of the Pompey training ground ‘bantz’ when speeding off home in this devilishly handsome Reliant Robin.

The picture appeared on the back pages of many of the red tops at the time after the squad put their money together to purchase it.

Agreeing that the worst player at training would have to drive the car home as punishment, poor old former Liverpool and Aston Villa keeper James was the poor sod when the photographers turned up.

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Added to that, the Pompey players attached a loud-speaker to the three-wheeler that plays farm-yard animal noises, just incase the vehicle wasn’t getting enough attention.

A simpler time, ay?


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