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Nike present ‘the Switch’ – their brand new pre tourno add

June 10, 2016

Just as normal, Nike have produced yet another pre tournament advert in a bid to shill some of their sports wear goodies.


Following in a long line of classics such such as ‘that one at the airport’, ‘that one in a museum’ and ‘the one in a cage’, Nike bring us the Freaky Friday inspired ‘The Switch’.

Watch as Cristiano Ronaldo body swaps with a ball boy when the pair collide mid match. One then wakes up in suburban Lancashire and the other in a swanky mansion on the outskirts of Madrid.

Whilst a number of superstars also make short cameos, this is well and truly a Ronaldo themed affair, have a looksy….

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While we’re on the subject, here’s our personal favourite, ‘The Cage’.


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