Top 5: Truly unsettling kit sponsors


In celebration of German lower league side FC Carl Zeiss Zena’s dark (but pretty awesome) foray into the world of kit sponsorship, here’s a list of an altogether more unsettling display of shirt sponsors.

1. Scarborough – “Black Death Vodka”
Here’s Scarborough’s ill advised kit sponsorship with “Black Death Vodka” during their 1990/1991 fourth division campaign. Interestingly enough the kit was worn for just one season due to it being banned, possibly for just being too darn badass.


(Image via


2. Scunthorpe United – “Pleasure Island”
Not to sure what the connection between shit seaside town’s and unusual sponsorships deal are, anyway here’s Scunthorpe United’s 1994 inviting away kit effort.

We’re getting overtones of some pretty freaky stuff going on at “Pleasure Island” elegantly displayed on Scunthorpe’s sexy candy floss puke kit design.

Tony Ford, Scunthorpe United
Tony Ford, Scunthorpe United

(image via

3. Clydebank FC – “Wet Wet Wet”
Ready to strike fear into the hearts of fellow hardened Scotsman throughout the land, Excruciatingly uncool early 90’s pop peddler’s ‘Wet Wet Wet’ delighted locals from home side Clydebank when unveiling this atrocity.

Why’s it on this list? There’s just something about that band name we just find particularly sleazy….


4. Voukefala – “Soula”
Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when Greek club Voukefala rocked up in their new “Soula” sponsored shirts.

That is until a few guilty looking husbands unveiled “Soula” as the brothel that they……er….heard a friend frequented every Saturday night.

That’s right an actual brothel paid up to sponsor their local side. Nothing says footballer quite like casual sex.

ONE USE  - Players of Greek amateur side Voukefala model their new shirts, sponsored by the Soula brothel-

5. Paleopyrgo – The Local Funeral Parlour
Not to be outdone by their fellow Greek side, Paleopyrgo took a slightly darker route of being sponsored by the local funeral home.

Having to accept the deal due to the clubs financial difficulties, we can’t help but think the decision to couple it with black shirts with white crosses on the front was a tad too far.



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