The Secret Footballer has revealed that Fabregas is leading an anti Mourinho revolt


After running away with the title at an absolute canter last season, this terms sequence of abhorrent results have been pure popcorn entertainment for any one not associated with Chelsea football club.

With his club already kissing goodbye a title challenge, Jose Mourinho has been completely helpless in hiding the worst flaws in his character. He truly is the king of the blame game.

Judging from the recent comments of the Secret Footballer, a mystery member of the footballing world as made famous in the Guardian, the players have kopt enough of Mourinho’s Marmite like personality.

One in particular may be wanting to be rid of the double Champions League winner.


He goes on;

What has happened since has been the total and utter abandonment of Mourinho and his philosophy by the players.

Mourinho is bang to rights and the players know it, so they are now trying to make their point on the pitch.

I have it on the best authority possible that the players have told the manager that they hate the way they play.

They hate the way they have to sit back against inferior opposition; they hate the way they aren’t allowed to express themselves.

I’m told that Cesc Fabregas is the leader of that mini-revolt. And as a player, you do things like this when you know you are in the right. You try your luck. Why not?

It’s your way of saying to the manager: “You can either listen to us, and give the go ahead to change and give us what we want, or we’ll keep serving you up the same old shit and embarrass you.”


The tricky midfielder who’s form curtailed off last December still harps for Wenger clearly.

Of course it’s not just a question of tactics that could prove to be his downfall.

Ever since the public sacking of two members of his medical team, Mourinho’s methods have become the subject of intense criticism. An incident that would rock any work place, not least Chelsea;

Fearn and Carniero are loved at Chelsea. They are friends of the players because they interact with them on a daily basis and have no agenda other than their well-being. They are neutral territory.

You know how much the kitman is loved at Chelsea, don’t you? The players love him and the fans love him when he appears on “Soccer AM”. This is like that.

Fearn and Carniero are totally respected by the playing staff and Mourinho has made a massive mistake in trying to make his point at the expense of two members of staff who were just doing their job and are seen as an easy touch.

The plot truly thickens.

(Via the Secret Footballer)


Written by Jonathan Reese

United fan and anti anti modern football brigade member

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