‘I’d rather lose than win for Mourinho’ – #cfc first teamer supposedly gives the quote of the season

With a Chelsea loss seemingly the inevitable story from every Premier League weekend, it’s become quite apparent that not every player is ‘chugging the line’, as it were, in regards to the on pitch fortunes of the league champions.


A 3-1 loss this weekend to Liverpool kept the Blues dangling perilously above the relegation zone after 11 games, a match that was made all the more extraordinary by Mourinho’a unwillingness to cooperate in his post match interview (to staggeringly childish levels) and the sight of him leading a back room meeting slap bang in the centre circle when all fans had departed home.

To add to the complete farce that has become the Portuguese managers tenure at the club, freelance journo Dan Levene, who regularly covers club matters, has reported he spoke to a mystery member of the squad who gave an absolute zinger of a quote.

That unnamed person mentioned that he’d ‘rather lose’ than win under his beleaguered manager.


Difficult to ascertain the reliability of the comment, however Radio 5 live and the Daily Mail have picked up the story and very much ran with it.

A real shit storm.


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