Referee on Mourinho after 2006 FA Cup semi-final – ‘he told me I could no longer be seen by him as a friend’


Being friends with Jose Mourinho seems a hell of a one sides friendship. Not judging the man on his life outside the game of course, but to be best chums with the Portuguese boss within the context of the game, seems akin to an uphill battle on eggshells, like the popular girl at school who no one actually likes, one false move and your spending your break time in the music rooms.

Take for instance former referee Graham Poll’s recent interview in the Daily Mail. Perhaps rallying a little support over the Chelsea manager’s disrespect for officials, Pool describes the following event; Chelsea lost to Liverpool in the 2006 FA Cup semi-final, he told me I could no longer be seen by him as a friend because no friend would allow his team to lose such a match.

Remarkably childish even for Mourinho. Whilst such hilarious comments were previously assumed to be the man working his mind game magic, it’s become more apparent this season, what with his reaction to a Dr doing her job etc, that the man is simply emotionally under developed.

A genius in the context of the sport, a child in the context of just being a bloody human.


In a word, an A***hole.


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