‘They Call Us The Royals’ – Reading unveil Video to god awful club anthem

Good lord, we didn’t actually think they’d follow through with it.


After reporting the news months ago that Reading chairwoman Khunying Sasima Svrikorn, an ex classically trained musician, had written a new club song.

It seems that money very much talks as we can now bring you the official video for ‘They Call Us The Royals’, the clubs new anthem set to be played on the Madejski big screens before every home game.

Basically it’s a mix of all sorts of eclectic music styles done woefully.


And yes don’t worry, there’s a section reserves for the fateful rap.

Funnily enough you may have spotted alongside Gareth McCleary and Hal Robson Kanu is a certain Pavel Pogrebnyak in among the awfulness, and yes, he left in August.

Not saying it’s related.


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