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Jonjo Sheley divulges what ferguson said to him after THAT incident in 2012

September 4, 2015

Whilst the Swansea midfielder currently gains adulation from what he does with the ball, Jonjo Shelvey was making friends with Sir Alex Ferguson enemies nationwide during this incident back in 2012.

Shelvey was just 20 years old when appearing for Liverpool in their fierce Anfield clash with Man Utd. Infuriated after seeing his double footed challenge on Johnny Evans met with an inevitable red card, Jonjo wasted no time in blaming the red faced (literal) Scotsman for his part in the decision.

If our memory serves us correctly, the exact words leaving the player were ‘that’s f***ing your fault that is’.

Probably seeing his actions as a tad on the immature side, Shelvey apologised to the Scotsman man to man – skin on skin (maybe not that) after the match.

‘I was a bit immature then and a bit silly. I pulled him aside afterwards and apologised to him and he was spot on with me. He said, ‘no I like it. It shows you’ve got a bit of balls about you’.

“I got a few high fives around town for the next few months, but it was silly from me on the professional stage. You don’t do something like that. I was young and I was starting for Liverpool against Manchester United, games don’t come much bigger.

“I was immature, the occasion got the better of me. It was part of growing up and you learn from those sort of things.’

If only we all knew!

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Tell Ferguson to f’off to his face and he’ll actually enjoy it.


The missed opportunities….


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