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Video: Chris Kamara ribbing Andy Cole for short lived Rap Career

December 1, 2014

Andy Cole Rap



Here at Dispensable Soccer we’re no strangers to Andy Cole’s short lived if not quite remarkable rap career. Hitting the charts at #68 and riding of the wave of a treble season back in 99 with Man Utd, ‘Outstanding’ was Andrew Cole’s attempt at a music career that, for us at least, fizzled out far too quickly.


Sky Sports favourite Chris Kamara give the single a mention during Cole’s appearance on Goal on Sunday.

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Let Andy break it down for you;
Tell the world my name
(who’s that?)
Andy Cole
I blaze the scene
-Score the goal.
Keep my eyes
On the prize
-My inspiration
To celebrate the life,
To rock the nation.
Gather round
Get close to me
Here’s the VIP
To my private party
The host with the most
Got clientele guaranteed
To rock the mike well.


Here’s the video in full.

Cole’s rapping style?….Laboured

It’s certainly no Diamond Lights.

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